Why Choose Us

Our Track Record

Heights Access Nigeria Limited is an exceptional local company that delivers Best Practice Services and Guarantees in words and demonstrable deeds. Through long association with our foreign partners and exposure to similar foreign services providers we have learnt and domesticated best practice in all aspects of our operations.

Transparent and Dependent

All our customers are guaranteed 5 STAR Treatment which we are able to justify based on the fact that we work on a veritable SAGE ERP Platform which enables us to compose our service cost in an objective manner which is readily available to our customers who choose to confirm so as to justify their investments.

Raison D'être (Why We Exist)

“We shall continuously be seeking and forging lifetime partnerships by redefining Values and Customer Service and we shall only profit from Excellent and Faultless Project Execution Procedures.”

Who We Are

Homepage_who_we_areHANL Whowe-areHeights Access Nigeria Limited came about in some very interesting circumstances. Though registered in 1988, the name was chosen without rhyme or reason other than to point the direction which we intended to go. 

In 1990 we needed to buy Tirfor manual winches, one of the components of the cleaning cradle for our filial company Façade Technology Nigeria Limited.  READ MORE

The First and only Certified Major Building Construction Equipment Solutions and Services Company in the   World!

Our Rental Brand – AfriQuip

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