Heights Access Nigeria Limited came about in some very interesting circumstances. Though registered in 1988, the name was chosen without rhyme or reason other than to point the direction which we intended to go.

In 1990 we needed to buy Tirfor manual winches, one of the components of the cleaning cradle for our filial company Façade Technology Nigeria Limited which was then engaged in High Rise Façade Maintenance in a pioneering status in Nigeria and Messrs Nigeria Ropes Plc. from whom we bought our first consignments did not have any in stock and was not thinking of buying a new consignment as these winches were not fast moving, and our further inquiries led us to  the Manufacturers TRACTEL S.A. France and who we later discovered had two lines of business; Material Handling Equipment and Heights Access Equipment.

aboutus2We got our winch consignment alright and became involved in their importation. We also decided to take advantage of the coincidence in name and become more involved. That is how we became engaged in the studies of this Building function system. Our initial scope of operations was the design and implementation of FACILITY FAÇADE ACCESS SYSTEMS a building function that was totally new to Nigeria at the time and for which we claim pioneer status in Nigeria. 

We have evolved ever since as a business and weathered different challenges and savoured several successes with the plethora of excellent services we have rendered. Our odyssey can be viewed against several discernible periods for which our experiences will be better captured in writing in the very near future

In 2005 we took a deliberate decision to increase our service offerings to the market segment in which we were engaged and take advantage of the opportunities we had developed with most of the stakeholders over time. Today we have a compelling bouquet of services that is difficult to ignore for serious sector participants. We have also been able to achieve prequalification status with NIPEX, the very first criteria for participating in the Oil and Gas sector in Nigeria.

Our major achievement for the period ending 2012 is the achievement of ISO 9001-2008 certification, becoming one of only less than 50 companies in Nigeria with valid global recognition. This is the pinnacle for any service company and the challenge for us would be to utilise and realise the full potential of this in the market place and increase our shareholder value.