Our Track Record

HANL LOGOHeights Access Nigeria Limited is an exceptional local company that delivers Best Practice Services and Guarantees in words and demonstrable deeds. Through long association with our foreign partners and exposure to similar foreign services providers we have learnt and domesticated best practice in all aspects of our operations.

Best Practice Services has only one global definition; Services planned and delivered after having correctly determined Customer Requirement at the very onset!
We serve you on a SAGE Enterprise Resource Planning Platform that enables us manage all our internal and external relations while minding the resources deployed to the same cause! What this means is that all management is able to have an enterprise wide vista from their seats thus ensuring that nothing that concerns the customer escapes attention.

Additionally we have developed innovative services that we deliver in a very creative way to the very discerning Construction and Industrial Engineering enterprises.

Our international ISO 9001:2008 Certification by DQS-UL of Germany is a confirmation of our implementation of best practice services quality management system and stands as a global endorsement comparable with the very best.

Transparent and Dependent

All our customers are guaranteed 5 STAR Treatment which we are able to justify based on the fact that we work on a veritable SAGE ERP Platform which enables us to compose our service cost in an objective manner which is readily available to our customers who choose to confirm so as to justify their investments.

We run our enterprise in line with the best ethical conduct such as are in alignment with those of our manufacturing partners and comply with best practices regarding Questionable Payments. Additionally our Quality Policy imposes on us the requirement to operate within the legal and statutory framework of our geographical location.