These are tall T-shaped machines used to lift and place heavy materials on a construction site thereby making the work easier and faster.


POTAIN Tower Cranes Types

Self-Erecting Cranes: Usually these are light duty, rapid and entirely autonomous, Self-erecting tower cranes (GMA cranes) are especially suited to construction sites which are of short duration, requiring frequent operations of transport, setting up, erection and dismantling, comprising of Igo, HD, Igo M & HDM, Igo T, HDT, GTMR ranges.


Top Slewing Cranes

The Top slewing cranes (GME cranes) slew from top and have reputation for being easy to adapt to their working environment: sites which are high up, crowded or widely spread. They make it possible to hoist and distribute loads by using 2 technologies: horizontal displacement of the trolley (MCT, MDT CITY, MDT, MD, MD MAXI ranges) or movement by raising the jib (MR range).


Heights Access Tower Crane Services

TC1 - Specification, Design, & Procurement

TC2 - Maintenance and Repair Services

TC3 - Equipment Inspection & Certification

TC4 - Personnel Training, Evaluation & Certification

TC5 - Equipment Stewardship Plan Implementation

TC6 - Installation/ Dismantling/ Commissioning

TC7 - Equipment Lease/Rental