Construction Hoists

These are hoists used for to move passengers and materials across vertical distances. The standard range of our Alimak construction hoists offer the optimum transport solution for low rise, medium and high rise constructions of all types.


Heights Access Construction Hoist Products

Alimak SC 65/32, Alimak SC 45/30 , Alimak  SC 65, Alimak  SC 45,Alimak Scando, 650XL, Alimak Scando 650 FC-S, Alimak Scando 650, Alimak Scando 450, Alimak Scando  65/32.


Transport Platform

Transport Platforms are suitable for the vertical transport of material on construction sites. Hek transport platforms help transport material and/or personnel efficiently up to heights of 120m and are a perfect solution for crane lifting bulky, large-dimension or palletized materials on construction sites. These hoists offer additional functions and are a very efficient and safe alternative to conventional material hoists.


Heights Access Transport Platform Hoist Products

HEK TPL 500 & 300, HEK TPM 1300SD, HEK TPM 1600S, HEK TPM 3000T, HEK TPM 3000T2, HEK TPM 3000TD, HEK TPM 4000T, HEK TPL 2000 & 1800


Mast Climbing Work Platform

A work platform that runs on a fixed mast(s) section on the façade of a construction project that enables workers to carry out installation works on the façade of the building where scaffold is inconvenient.


Heights Access Mast Climbing Work Platform Products

HEK MCL S, HEK MCL T, HEK MCM Single, HEK MCM Twin, & HEK MS 2450.


Permanent Industrial lifts

Industrial elevators are used in all kinds of industries to move both material and personnel across vertical distances. With these elevators, customers are better able to access, monitor and service key processes in their plants. Developed to withstand the extreme conditions of the world's most hostile environments, our Alimak Hek industrial elevators have proven invaluable in many industries including Oil & Gas, Metals & Steel, Ports & Shipyards, Cement and Power industries.


Heights Access Industrial Elevator Products



Material Hoists

Material Hoists are lightweight material hoists that deliver a huge spectrum of lifting capacity combined with high transport speed for the vertical access of construction and scaffolding material up to 1,000kg


Heights Access Material Hoists Products

HEK TPL 500 & 300, HEK TPM 1300SD, HEK TPM 1600S, HEK TPM 3000T, HEK TPM 3000T2, & HEK TPM 3000TD.


Heights Access Platform/Material/Transportation Hoist Services

HP1 - Specification, Design& Procurement

HP2 - Maintenance & Repair Services

HP3 - Equipment Inspection & Certification

HP4 - Personnel Training, Evaluation & Certification

HP6 - Equipment Stewardship Plan Implementation

HP7 - Installation / Dismantling/ Commissioning

HP8 - Equipment Lease / Rental