Formwork is the arrangement of steel/aluminium and wooden/plywood material, their support and accessories tied together to form or support reinforcement bars into or unto which concrete is subsequently poured to assume the designed shape of the structural element.


Formwork Categories

  • MULTIFLEX Girder Slab   You can shutter every slab thickness, every layout and every height. The system allows for large spans, and this   reduces the number of parts that have to be moved. MULTIFLEX thus represents efficient working in any type of requirement
  • LICO-Column is ideal for assembling and dismantling by hand, and ensures that crane non-availability is not a problem at all.
  • DOMINO-Walis the lightweight panel formwork for use in building construction and civil engineering, and for every ground plan.                   Guaranteed efficient use – even without a crane. With only 5 panel widths and inset tie points, foundations are also extremely easy to realize.
  • Beam. Models: UZR Beam Waler, AW Stopend, UZ Beam 


Heights Access Formwork Services

FW1 - Specification, Design& Procurement

FW2 - Maintenance & Repair Services

FW4 - Personnel Training, Evaluation & Certification

FW6 - Installation / Dismantling / Commissioning

FW7 - Equipment Lease &  Rental

FW8 - Inventory Control Advisory