Over the last century and particularly the second half, a lot of Construction developments have taken place all over Nigeria meaning that both foreign and indigenous Construction Companies executed these projects. Julius Berger came to Nigeria to start business in the late sixties and met Indigenous Construction Companies on ground. While it is understandable that a few of the foreign Companies closed shops and moved back to their countries, the Nigerian Construction Companies have simply disappeared without a trace. Nigerian Companies built most of the Federal and State Secretariats all over the states, several medium rise buildings etc. from Ajaokuta to Delta Steel, name them!

The consequence of this tendency is that Nigeria has lost a lot of Construction expertise and experience if the Companies that built these projects no longer exist today; even if some of the young players then are today also working, but will eventually hand over to no one and their Companies will as well disappear after they retire and the vicious cycle continues!

The major cause of this tendency is the way businesses are set up in Nigeria. People respond to opportunities without a proper plan. A Construction Business like any other is supposed to continue to generate revenue on a sustained basis.So, why they stop earning revenue at some point in time is not because the opportunities have ceased but because they did not structure themselves as a source of sustained value creation with the correct investments in people, structure, processes, and equipment.

The truth is that most Construction Entrepreneurs work very hard doing everything from VALUE CREATION, MARKETING, SALES, SERVICE DELIVERY and FINANCE , akin to jack of all trade and often times at great sacrifice to his family, his health and fortunes on the long run, when he becomes fatigued akin to having labored like the DONKEY.

We have first-hand experience of this tendency having also casually rested our Construction business FAÇADE TECHNOLOGY NIGERIA LIMITED after just about 15 years, a company which in the early nineties was in its stride doing mainly design and building projects for financial institutions, just because of some challenges and the availability of other opportunities.

Our experience along with our informed observations of the sector over the years is our impetus to try to reduce this tendency by demonstrating to the indigenous Construction Entrepreneur that he indeed can LABOUR UNDER CORRECT KNOWLEDGE (L.U.C.K) and bequeath a business to his heirs and assigns as well as Nigeria!


The SPRINGBOARD Program is designed to show Construction Companies that are willing to become profitable and sustainable businesses, the investments in People, Structure and Equipment that are required if they are to become entities that make PROFIT with which to fuel their GROWTH so that they become SUSTAINABLE. Should the Construction Entrepreneur decide to exit, he could do so and choose to keep his holdings in the business for value that appreciates or cash-out leaving the business as a thriving BRAND.That is how it is done in the developed climes. It is by setting up our Construction Businesses properly that at some point we will be able to boast of Nigerian Construction Companies that are older than 50 years and still thriving!

The SPRINGBOARD Program will assist existing Construction Companies develop and implement plans that are in alignment with SUSTAINABLE PRINCIPLES that result primarily in PROFITS, then GROWTH and on to SUSTAINABILITY. This way, the Construction Companies can OUTLAST their Founders and continue to thrive to the satisfaction of all. Above all to protect these projects legacies and our infrastructure heritage as a Nation.

Heights Access Nigeria Limited in choosing to execute the SPRINGBOARD Program has the support of its global brands of Equipment Manufacturers who themselves are enjoying SUSTAINABILITY. The major criteria for Companies that qualify for this program is THEIR WILLINGNESS TO CHANGE COURSE and begin to introduce COST AND TIME SAVING SOLUTIONS into their Construction operations so that they begin to appreciate the aphorism of TIME IS MONEY!

The TRADITIONAL METHOD OF CONSTRUCTION is the main culprit that blinds Companies to the endless realistic opportunities. Any Construction Company that has built a project of a certain size and still a going concern can be made to truly put its roots down and become a Sustainable Business on the long run.The Construction Business opportunities in Nigeria will only continue to increase as we all can bear witness to the fact that our Infrastructure is still very inadequate. This is just as good a time to properly position.

The SPRINGBOARD Program is designed as a short to medium to long term relationship and Companies will get guides and tips on appropriate People, Structure, Processes, Methods, Equipment Investment types, Finance, Branding, Marketing, Sales, etc. which we are bringing from all parts of the world in a NOVEL TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER INITIATIVE.

The SPRINGBOARD Program will enable Nigerian Construction Companies to stop working like donkeys and become the stallions that they are destined to be, CAPABLE and COMPETENT!

The Pyramids of Egypt were built with almost bare hands (traditional methods) several centuries ago, why should Nigerian Construction Companies still continue in the same SELF-LIMITING fashion with all the available experience, exposure and education?


Engagement Phases

There shall be four engagement phases namely:

Stage 1 - Proficiency for Profitability

Stage 2 - Profitability for Growth

Stage 3 - Structuring for Sustainability

Stage 4 - Restructuring for the Next Generation

Each stage could last between 1 to 3 years.

The prevailing ecosystem in an Enterprise and the readiness to reposition will determine the duration of each stage. The fuel for this engagement will be the willingness and desire of an Enterprise Leadership to protect its deserved project legacies!

In summary:

Stage 1 - Proficiency for Profitability

The UNLEARNING Stage where Enterprises are exposed to the unhelpful methods through which they have been losing revenue and opportunities all these years and the tools required to eliminate them.
OUTCOME: To acquire the facilitation tools, that is, Adopt Structure, Personnel, Software, Equipment integration and over the determined period and begin to make profits as it should be.

Stage 2 - Profitability for Growth

Domestication of accountability and profitability into all the designed processes.
OUTCOME: All personnel will become familiar with management processes and the system will detect non-compliances and indicate recovery and preventive processes.

Stage 3 - Structuring for Sustainability

Taking a medium term look at how the Company will look like within a determined period.
OUTCOME: Outlook mapping against time and proper forecasting.

Stage 4 -Restructuring for the Next Generation

Taking a long-term view and consider taking the business public.
OUTCOME: The business will be on a correct footing and Founders may consider cashing in some of their sweat equity or retain as they consider appropriate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Companies qualify for this programme?
This platform is for indigenous construction and industrial engineering companies.

2. How does the relationship start?
Companies register their interest by downloading and filling the form available here and sending it to info@heightsaccess.ng

3. What does a participating company hope to gain?
They will get the capabilities and competencies to guarantee the sustainability of their business in the long term.

4. Do you have a limit to the number of companies that can partake in this programme?
Only 50 indigenous companies will have the opportunity to get on Heights Access Springboard Programme.

5. Any other information we should know?
You can always email us at info@heightsaccess.ng or call us at 0700HACCESS for further inquiries.